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Blog posts of '2016' 'September'

Wear beautiful Floor Length Anarkalis Suits

Wear beautiful Floor Length Anarkalis Suits

These floor length Anarkalis have created a stir in the fashion world with its long, flowing fabrics in rich embroideries, heavy brocades, beautiful designs and intricate art work. Being the Indian equivalent of evening gowns, these floor length anarkalis have created a major fashion statement across the globe.

These dresses not only add a lot of glamor and elegance, but are absolutely hassle free in terms of maintenance. One does not have to bother about managing the pallu, checking on the pleats or struggling to walk. In order to create a striking balance between tradition and contemporary fashion, these floor length anarkalis suits have touched the right chord. With its international appeal, heavy embroidery work and flawless designs, these outfits have become a favorite among the masses. Designers beautifully cut floor length anarkali designs in pretty colors and lovely motifs and Your look can never go wrong with a perfect set of suits.


THE SAREE: Indian Culture & Traditions

THE SAREE: Indian Culture and Traditions

The saree is one of the world’s oldest and perhaps the only surviving unstitched garment from the past. Sari, also spelled saree, principal outer garment of women of the Indian subcontinent, consisting of a piece of often brightly coloured, frequently embroidered, silk, cotton, or, in recent years, synthetic cloth five to seven yards long.Over the times, Indian Sarees  has not only become a sensuous, glamorous all-time-wear for women.

Indian Sarees is worn wrapped around the body with the end left hanging or used over the head as a hood. Thus, in the modern world, Indian Sarees continues to be an economical and easy-to-wear garment, suitable for work, leisure or luxury. Even in the modern age, women continue to buy sarees with great enthusiasm, especially during festivals and wedding seasons.


Designer Lehengas Sarees - Wedding Lehengas Sarees

Lehenga Sarees

Lehenga sarees no prior introduction Uniquely merging two dress forms, this saree is usually refrained from wearing in simple events, and owing to its heaving heavy work, often brought out for social celebrations like weddings and marriage receptions. You can also Steal the show at wedding invitations with the easy to wear’ lehenga sarees below.

Owing to its ease of wear, the lehenga saree has been a soaring uproar ever since its invention. Begin with the saree and like you do with normal ones, start by the lehenga and cover up with some pleats. If you are however a newbie to the world of Indian ethnics, here is a better explanation. Take the saree and put on the lehenga.

Lehenga is gorgeous, and much any regular saree at all. Without the hassle of the pleat making drama, it can easily win the crown of the quick ethnic dress up category. A saree that gives and impression as though it’s a lehenga, is called a lehenga saree