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Blog posts of '2017' 'April'

Popular Lehenga Choli Ensemble All There is to Know about the Indian Designer Lehenga-Choli for This Wedding Season

Popular Lehenga Choli Ensemble All There is to Know about the Indian Designer Lehenga-Choli for This Wedding Season

The Popularity of Lehenga-choli

While the saree is a very popular garment for Indian brides the lehenga-choli is also equally beloved amongst Indian brides. The bridal lehenga is extremely popular in India. The lehenga and choli is the preferred bridal garment for young brides in India. This demand for bridal lehenga choli inspires Indian designers to constantly thrive to create high fashion bridal lehenga choli. In most cases designer Lehengas for women that have been embroidered and embellished using sough after crafts and techniques.

Lehenga-Choli for Bollywood and Cultural Programs

Apart from weddings, Lehengas are also worn by girls and women during festivals and cultural programs. The lehenga-Choli is also being popularized by the Bollywood and hence lehenga-Choli is widely being accepted and favored in places where the saree used to be the favored choice for festive wear. The popularity of the lehenga-choli as festive wear is now widespread and is not limited to India.

The lehenga for women is a long ethnic skirt that is primarily worn by Indian women at weddings and religious festivals however modern times has changed the way fashion forward Indian, stylists and designers have been looking at this traditional garment. The lehenga is now open to experimentation and a popular garment for Indo-western fusion dressing.

Having made that point, let’s go back to the fact that lehenga choli ensemble is still widely popular as bridal wear



Sarees Fashion for Contemporary Women - Designer Sarees Gets a Trendy Makeover

Sarees Fashion for Contemporary Women - Designer Sarees Gets a Trendy Makeover

Saree has been one of the most coveted ensembles for Indian women since time immemorial. The dress that at one point of time was a simple cloth draping the demure silhouette of a beautiful Indian woman, has now turned into a fashion trousseau adopting a plethora of new trends.

The Indian saree is a versatile garment that suits Indian women of all ages, shapes and sizes. It is increasingly catching the interest of celebrities across the globe. This is evident from the demand for fashion designer saree by Hollywood actresses for red carpet occasions. Moreover, there is an increasing demand for designer saris that are easy to drape among today's generation. They want to look traditional without the inconvenience of draping a sari. Hence, there is pressure on designers to come up with innovative, yet traditional saris that look great with minimum fuss.

Whether you are going for a formal party or a night gathering, shopping for your wedding or simply picking up some formal wears for office, sarees have turned out to be the chic ‘in’ thing.

Newer designers tend to think out of the box to come with that one outstanding designer saree. However to buy that one piece that will make you the belle of the ball, you must have a good budget as these designer sarees will set you back by at least a couple of thousand rupees if not lakhs. But then everything goes for attention, so go ahead and indulge yourself.

Lehenga-style saree is a stylish way to don a saree with intricate work, yet save on your time and efforts to make the cumbersome pleats look absolutely perfect. It is a trend catching up with today’s fast-paced generation, which does not have time to tie a traditional saree while hassling their way with the pleats. In a lehenga-style saree, the bottom half comes pre-stitched just like a free flowing lehenga. So, opt for this if you want to look chic and ethnic at the same time.

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Designer Indian Sarees - indispensable part of women's attire

Designer Indian Sarees - indispensable part of women's attire

When asked for the type of Designer Saree to wear during any function, a lot of recommendations are being given by some or the other person thereby making it a tough choice to pick the one of the so many available choices.

The best part of the Saree is that it is available in all the different patterns and styles suiting women of all ages.

The prominence of Designer Saree is increasing day by day due to its global popularity. Indian women are specially found wearing Saree in the functions like social gathering, engagement, wedding and festivals.

Womens love for sarees is evident from the fact that they live draping it in each special occasion. They love sarees above all outfits. If one desires to be dressed in the designer outfit, go for the designer sarees that are worked upon very well by the reputed designers.

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