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Traditional Indian sarees

Traditional Indian sarees

Indian sarees

If there is anything that describes traditional Indian wear for women, it's traditional Indian sarees. These traditional Indian sarees aren’t just meant for weddings. You can wear traditional Indian Sarees for any occasion. In fact, you can see the trend shifting considerably. Aishwarya Design Studio Leading fashion houses lately have been inclined to create fashion pieces revolving around designer traditional Indian sarees. The recent fashion sense is all about revival of traditional. If you are keen to Shop traditional Indian sarees, then Aishwarya Design Studio is a perfect choice for you.

Traditionally, Indian traditional sarees used to be 9 yards long but now they are available anywhere from 4 to 9 yards. Nowadays, traditional Indian sarees contain various patterns, embroideries, embellishments, textures, and prints so that you get a wide variety of options. Before you decide to Shop Indian sarees, we want you to understand a little bit about the sarees fabrics.

Cotton Indian sarees:

If you want to own traditional Indian wear then it has to be cotton sarees. As a fabric, cotton is known for being lightweight and breathable. It is low on maintenance thereby making cotton sarees as the best choice in summers.

Silk Indian sarees:

Silk is considered to be one of the most versatile and contemporary fabrics. Unlike others, silk, as a fabric, can be easily blended with other fibres and that’s why each state of India has its own version of Silk Saree’s pattern.

Chiffon Indian sarees:

Sarees can be worn on a daily basis without any hassle and chiffon sarees are the best example. The yarns of chiffon fabric are made from cotton and synthetic material like nylon and polyester.

Georgette Indian sarees:

Most people get confused between chiffon & georgette fabric material. Chiffon is quite light and sheer while georgette is a crepe fabric. It has a peppery texture and is a little heavier than chiffon sarees; however, when draped properly, it looks gorgeous and feel lighter.

Traditional Indian Sarees - Indian Designer Sarees

Traditional Indian Sarees - Indian Designer Sarees 

The Traditional Indian Sarees - Indian Designer Sarees is a traditional garment worn by most Indian women. Although at present there is a lot of western influence in the way people dress. Today, Traditional Indian Sarees - Indian Designer Sarees have a wide range of variety in India and world. The Indian woman of every age prefers to wear sarees in the auspicious occasion of her life. There is something about the Traditional Indian Sarees - Indian Designer Sarees that makes a woman look dignified, delightful, trendy and every bit stylish.

Over the years, the Traditional Indian Sarees - Indian Designer Sarees has evolved into a fashion statement, Aishwarya Design Studio designers glorify the look and feel of this traditional garment.

The field of a saree is also embellished according to regional rules. In many parts of India the field of a saree are decorated with woven designs, embroidery or printing for the purpose of wedding ceremony. Though many Indian people, both those living in India and those who live in other countries, have adopted Indian dress and suits, it is very common for Indian women to wear the Traditional Indian Sarees - Indian Designer Sarees for important ceremonies, such as weddings.